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Judith Scheiderer portrait

Judith Scheiderer

Senior Online Marketing Consultant / Product Lead UX

Judith advises our clients on all aspects of user experience (UX). From persona creation workshops and CRO audits to supporting A/B testing, as Product Lead she is committed to making our clients' digital presence user-friendly and accessible.

About Judith

Judith's favourite tools: Figma, Miro.

First thing she does in the morning: drink coffee and run to the office.

What few people know about Judith is that she is a (small) Disney fan. She dances when she cooks and didn't like coffee until she was 21. 

Judith's favourite core value is transparency, because it prevents many misunderstandings from happening in the first place.

Organisations Judith has donated to: Choose Love (

Judith's personality type is: "INFJ-T - Advocate, these personalities are open-minded, level-headed, conscientious and creative.

Her favourite The Boutique Agency perk is GuudCard - appreciation from the company while supporting sustainability.

Professional background

Before joining The Boutique Agency, Judith worked in the UX industry in London for seven years, from Junior UX Designer to Senior UX Designer. She worked in agencies of various sizes, including Wongdoody and Media.Monks. She then worked as a product designer at Youtap in Auckland.

After seven years in London and nine months in New Zealand, Judith speaks fluent English and is currently working on her French.

She completed her Bachelor's degree in Human-Computer Systems in Würzburg and her Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction Design in London.

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