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YouTube Ads

Reach millions of potential customers with YouTube Ads and increase your visibility and sales. We can help you choose video creative, measure success and reach the people you want to see your video ad.
Our Passion for YouTube

Ok, real talk: YouTube is the world's most used search engine after Google, but for many companies it is still not part of their marketing mix.
With our many years of YouTube expertise, we have already implemented successful YouTube cases for our clients. If you want to take your YouTube to the next level, you've come to the right place!

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Case Study

CASE STUDY | Think with Google

Selling power: How YouTube wins over streetwear retailer BSTN

YouTube as a sales channel? We worked with our client BSTN, a premium streetwear retailer, to test the power of YouTube and create an AI-powered Video Action Campaign. The result:

+ 250 % ROAS
- 94 % Cost per Order
+ 157 % Revenue (compared to the previous period)

About our services

YouTube strategy

From idea to execution, we create customised campaign concepts. Our YouTube experts will work closely with you to understand your challenges, products and target audiences to achieve the best results.

YouTube Ads

Based on the jointly developed strategy, we build the campaigns and dive deep into the research of your target audiences.
We work closely with you to define the relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) according to your campaign objectives. Transparency is important to us, which is why we offer weekly fixed appointments for joint performance reviews.

YouTube SEO

From keyword strategy to YouTube channel audit. Our SEO experts analyse our clients' YouTube channels to increase their visibility.
They identify opportunities through detailed competitive analysis and provide our clients with an actionable optimisation plan.

Creative Consulting

An often underestimated but crucial part of our service is content advice. Structuring your video to suit the platform is essential to the success of your campaign.
Our team can help you translate the specific requirements of the platform into your video.


Magazine article: Best Practice YouTube Assets

Maximising the potential of YouTube ads: Lisa's article shows how to create a platform-compliant video using Google's ABCD model, with sufficient preparation time and a thorough conception phase.

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