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Katja Kicken portrait

Katja Kicken

Online Marketing Consultant

Katja joined our team in February 2024 as an Online Marketing Consultant. In addition to SEA, her heart beats especially for YouTube and paid social. 

About Katja

Katja's favourite tool: Asana.

Must-haves on her desk: Water bottle and headphones.

First thing in the morning: a glass of water and music.

What few people know about Katja: she visited the Underwater Museum in Lanzarote without any diving experience, can sing songs by heart super fast, but can't remember passwords.
As a teenager she also gave riding lessons to children in a riding stable.

Katja's favourite core value is: appreciation, because that is the basis of every passion and every good collaboration.

Where to meet Katja in her free time: On the terrace with a drink and a book.

Katja's 16Personalities is: ENFJ - ‘Protagonist’ Katja is passionate about pursuing big goals. She faces challenges positively and is happy to take them on. If she is convinced of a cause, she will empathise with anything and anyone who is pursuing the right goal.

If Katja wasn't an online marketing consultant, she would be a vet.

Professional background

Katja gained several years of experience in online marketing and SEA at a marketing agency specialising in SEA in Berlin. There she was responsible for YouTube for one year.

She spent her semester abroad in Valencia in 2020. Since then she has visited the country every year and tries to get to know every corner.

She completed a dual degree in International Management while training as an industrial clerk. As part of her Master's degree, she completed a semester in Social Media Marketing & Brand Management and was a speaker at the Google Roadshow in Berlin, presenting a YouTube case study.

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