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Google PMAX Agency

We provide comprehensive advice and manage and analyse your Google Performance Max campaigns.
What services do we offer with Google Performance Max?


Setup and structuring of PMAX campaigns

To ensure that your PMAX campaigns deliver the best results, we provide comprehensive campaign set-up advice - from feeds and assets to analysis and structuring of PMAX campaigns.

Multi channel

Coordination with other types of campaigns

PMAX can be a useful complement to other campaign types such as search or display.
Not only e-commerce clients, but also lead generation and travel clients can benefit from this campaign type when configured correctly.

operational business

Hands-on setup

We do it all: From setting up the merchant centre, to setting up campaigns, both retail and B2B, to analysing and optimising.
We also develop our own tools.


Audit of the product feed

We analyse your product feed for structure and relevance of product attributes such as titles, descriptions and images. In this way, we ensure that your PMAX campaigns have the best possible basis for placement in Google Shopping.

DatA Insights

Due to the reduced control options in PMAX, data enrichment, such as micro-conversions, is essential. We can advise you on how to target and enrich your conversion funnel.

our Expertise
As a PMAX focused agency, what benefits do we offer?

Being close to Google means that we are the first to know about innovations and the latest beta versions, and we can pass these on directly to our clients

By sharing our knowledge and experience across the industry and within the agency, we gain a broader understanding of PMAX.
This allows us to create more transparency and make the insights from this campaign format useful for the overall Google Ads strategy.

We are also constantly testing the latest tools and scripts for PMAX and developing our own. One example is the Chrome extension for exporting PMAX keywords developed by our colleague Jonas Kleespies.

You can also benefit from the experience we have gained with other customers.

Chrome extension to export PMAX search terms

Save time, format flawlessly and identify keyword potential - this Chrome extension was developed by our automation expert Jonas Kleespies:

What are the benefits of Performance Max?

Performance Max is one of Google's newest products and is constantly being updated and improved.
Campaigns are optimised based on real-time data for maximum performance and effectiveness.


PMAX promises greater reach through playout across Google's channels, targeting customers throughout the customer journey.
Of particular importance is the targeting of the mid to lower funnel. New customer value adjustments are also possible.


Based on your own user data and target audiences, the Google algorithm will identify more relevant users to increase engagement and conversion.

What are the most frequently asked questions about PMAX?

What are the requirements for Performance Max?

In order to successfully run PMAX campaigns, it is essential that you can provide us with images. Ideally in a variety of categories and sizes, so that each type of ad can be played smoothly.

Tracking that works, sufficient conversion volume, clear objectives - we are happy to advise. We check in advance that all requirements are met.

For clients in the e-commerce or travel sectors, it is also ideal if a product or hotel feed is available. If you do not have a merchant centre, we can set one up for you.

Your Google Performance Max experts


Nadine Maier is Product Lead E-Commerce and works with product specialists Sophie Laube and Whitney Murray to drive this area forward for our customers.

They work with customers in the interior, travel, clothing and nutritional supplements sectors.