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SEO Audit

Measure the current level of optimization and identify opportunities with a structured SEO audit. Benefit from our experience.
Technical SEO
Technical optimizations as the cornerstone

As a basis for a good ranking and further optimization measures, we check the technical optimization possibilities of your website as part of the audit.

Page speed
As fast and as suitable for mobile use as possible

As part of the technical SEO audit, we take a look at a contemporary implementation of the page load time and optimization for mobile devices for your website.

Only really relevant content for the Google index

The focus here is on analyzing and checking all of your URLs. Also sitemap (s) and robots.txt. are checked to ensure that only your relevant content can be found on Google.

Content Audit
Overview and content inventory

In order to make your website particularly relevant for the user, it is essential that the content offers users and the search engine real added value and stands for trustworthiness. We check your keyword strategy and OnPage design accordingly.

Internal linking
Control of the user and Google bots through smart networking

Internal linking is a powerful tool to inform Google and the user about the relationship between your pages and to mark focal points. We advise you on how to use the internal linking correctly and check your backlinks.

Internationalization strategy
Uncover pitfalls in international websites

In order to optimize your international strategy, it is relevant to carry out a strategic analysis of the domain strategy and the hreflang tag.

worked with
Sebastian Schwiecker
Managing Director

Having worked with The Boutique Agency for many years to manage our Google Ad Grants account, we decided to call on their expertise for an SEO and UX audit.

The Boutique Agency experts provided us with an in-depth analysis of our website and the competitive environment. The detailed briefing on how to optimise our website was very helpful and the measures implemented have already shown positive results.

Strategy discussion for your SEO project

An external assessment can help to identify potential and improve processes. With a technical SEO audit you can increase the visibility of your company on the web and thus the number of visitors to your website as well as the amount of your sales and profits.

What are the benefits of a technically optimized website?
Better rankings

The position in the result list for relevant search queries is decisive for the expected traffic. We identify your most important keywords and show you ranking opportunities.

More Visitors for your website

A better ranking increases the chance of generating more users for your website.

Improved user experience

In addition to the other ranking factors, the focus should be on the user experience. The better the user experience of your site, the higher the willingness to buy.

Generating higher sales

With an optimized website with good ranking factors, more users not only means more visitors, but also more potential sales.

Sustainable competitive advantage

By optimizing your website, the technical SEO aspects and the user experience, you gain a decisive competitive advantage.

Securing your company's existence

The long-term goal of securing your company's existence can be achieved through targeted SEO optimizations, especially in view of the increasing online activities of users.

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