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We are B Corp™ certified

B Corporations™ are companies that balance profit with the common good. As a B Corp™, we are now one of the companies leading a global movement for an inclusive, fair and regenerative economy.

To grow talent, clients and the market, while leaving a positive footprint.

Part of our mission is to have a positive impact on society and the environment, locally and globally, in addition to the success of our customers.

In particular, the B Lab™ assessment provided us with the right framework to challenge and adapt our processes, policies and business practices. The result:

We have been B Corp™ certified since 18 August 2023.

What is B Corp™?

B Corp™, also known as a "B Corporation", is a global network of companies, such as Ecosia, Patagonia or share, that are committed to aligning their business practices with sustainability, social responsibility and environmental stewardship. 

The B Impact Assessment (BIA) is the free online tool that companies use to measure and improve the impact of their business on people and the environment. Companies wishing to be certified must first submit a B Impact Assessment with a minimum score of 80 points.

Why do we find B Corp™ compelling?

B Corp™ is a fast-growing global movement of companies actively working towards a sustainable, social and equitable future. We are excited to be part of this community and to learn from best-in-class companies like Patagonia, Ecosia and Soulbottle.

Two aspects convinced us: B Corp™ is very in-depth, so it is only accessible to companies that are serious about it, and it is not a one-off certification, but an ongoing development. As a limited company, we have adapted our articles of association. All management decisions take into account not only the company's shareholders, but also all stakeholders, such as our community, our employees and customers, as well as the environment in a local and global context.
the five impact areas 
The five impact areas: Every B Corp™ is assessed against these five impact areas of the B Impact Assessment. Since we started our journey over 20 months ago, we have been B Corp™ certified since 18 August 2023!

What happens after certification?

We have a plan of where we want to and can improve. We have turned this roadmap into an action plan. Our goal is not just to be re-certified every three years, but to improve our score every year, making an even greater impact on the environment and society. Together, we are building a movement of people who are using business as a force for good.

The B Corp™ certification in examples

The certification meant for us, for example, that we:

 ✔ Have almost completely withdrawn from serving clients in harmful sectors.

✔ Introduced team social days, which means that at least one team event a year is spent volunteering at a community organisation.

✔ Have a code of ethics that defines the basis for ethical and moral behaviour, both internally and externally.

✔ Have implemented new policies such as a purchasing guide, travel policy or sustainable behaviour policy in the home office.

✔ We are committed to donating a fixed percentage of our profits to charity.

✔ Leverage our Google Ad Grants expertise for pro-bono work and support a range of NGOs with a fixed time commitment.


B Impact Assessment

In the assessment centre, we scored 84 out of a possible 200 points.

But this is just the beginning: for the re-certification in August 2026, we aim to significantly exceed the 84 points.