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We specialize in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). The Boutique Agency (formerly SEM Boutique) optimizes your campaigns in the Google Search and Google Display network, Google Shopping, in apps and YouTube.
Google Ads Services
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A simple translation is not enough: optimal internationalization focuses on the subtleties of the target group in the respective country.


With the help of scripts and rules, recurring tasks and reports are automated and more time can be spent on strategic tasks.


By using Google Data Studio, performance data can be displayed and analyzed like never before, i.e. by the use of optimization dashboards or potential analyzes.

Target groups

Which users belong to your target group and what message can they be reached with in which network? Let us answer these questions for you. 


Make use of dynamic re-targeting of meaningful user segments to communicate with your customers on every step along their journey.


A deeper look into the accounts than just the number of conversions - for insights that can also be transferred to other marketing channels and contribute to a strategic conversion optimisation.

Google Premier Partner

As a Google Premier Partner we maintain a close cooperation with Google.

Regular product trainings and educational programmes enable us to always stay up-to-date and provide our customers with the best possible levels of service. Please note that the Google Partner status only concerns the Google advertising products and is in no way related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for organic search, in that none of our services regarding SEO are recommended or reviewed by Google.

Client testimonials
Christophe Aumaître

Jochen Schweizer

The Boutique Agency supported us with a comprehensive SEA audit and, building on this, with the expansion of our Google AdWords campaigns, which enabled us to become much more efficient and structured in a very short timeframe.

Nicolas Stadtelmeyer

Stylight Logo

Oliver and The Boutique Agency showed us valuable growth drivers and new input for our SEA accounts through a detailed SEA audit. A very pleasant and valuable collaboration.


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