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Internationalisation of your SEA strategy

Internationalisation of SEA is more than just the linguistic translation of campaigns. The right strategy requires an understanding of the respective market and target groups in order to set the right priorities.
Components of the strategy
Identification of potentials

We identify market potentials and sizes in order to derive the best possible strategy for the internationalisation of your SEA measures and to set the right priorities.

Campaign structure

Taking market conditions into account, we create coordinated campaign structures and alignments for efficient growth.

Suitable target groups

We develop alignment options based on country-specific target groups and focus on the subtleties of the respective market environment.

Competitive analysis

New markets are potentially home to new competitors - with the help of analysis tools, we conduct comprehensive competitive research in the search engine environment.

Other search engines

In addition to the probably most important search engines Google and Bing, we also support you in internationalisation with country-specific search engines.

Subtleties of languages

Simple translation is not enough: optimal internationalisation focuses on the correct use of language and its subtleties.


We are happy to support you in:

Danish ⬩ Dutch ⬩ English ⬩ French ⬩ Finnish ⬩ German ⬩ Greek ⬩ Italian ⬩ Japanese ⬩ Norwegian ⬩ Polish ⬩ Portuguese ⬩ Russian ⬩ Swedish ⬩ Spanish

Translation and Localization

We know that internationalisation means more than automated translation. That's why we also work with native speakers and market experts on foreign-language content.

Partner Google International Growth Program

As a partner in the Google International Growth Program, we gain access to many exclusive services and analysis tools. These include not only Google Insights and third-party data, but also a personal contact person at Google. This allows us as an agency to provide our clients with the best possible support for their international expansion.

Non-binding strategy consulting session

Are you about to internationalise or open up new markets? We support you in scaling SEA measures, with a focus on efficient growth.

In a non-binding strategy session, we will be happy to give you an initial individual assessment.


Joint development of a strategic approach for the internationalisation of SEA measures, based on comprehensive market data as well as potential analyses.

Sea Audit

Identify optimization opportunities and untapped growth and efficiency potential in your international Google Ads or Bing Ads account with a structured SEA audit. 

SEA Setup

Strategic creation of global account structures and campaigns for Google Ads, Search Ads 360 and Microsoft Advertising.


Best practices from many years of experience. Reaching the country-specific target group even better by using the latest technologies.

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