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An SEO workshop strengthens your company's in-house capacities: the knowledge acquired remains and can be used at any time for future web projects.
SEO-Workshop with The Boutique Agency

In our SEO workshops, we address your requirements individually, train your employees in the most important basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and accompany you in the first practical applications. The goal of the workshops is to strategically anchor SEO and content development processes in your annual plan.

OUR Workshops


We provide you and your employees with a general overview of search engine optimization and support you in identifying the first opportunities for your website.


  • What does SEO mean and what potential does it hold for your company?
  • How does a search engine function?
  • How does a keyword research work?
  • How do you perform an SEO competitor analysis? What are the most important ranking factors?
  • Which free tools can you use?
  • How to create a personal SEO strategy?
  • How do you measure SEO success?

SEO Content Workshop

To exploit the full potential of your website, good content is essential. We support you and your employees in bidding farewell to classic keyword stuffing and keep composing search engine-relevant texts.


  • How do you conduct a keyword research for SEO?
  • How do you build a keyword strategy?
  • What makes good content?
  • How do you prevent duplicate content?
  • What does cannibalization of content mean?
  • How do you create SEO relevant content that users value?
  • How do you structure topics on a website?
  • How do you deal with images, PDFs, etc.?


Are you planning a website migration? You want to identify all the important stakeholders for the project and bring them together in one place. Everyone should have their share of tasks and receive the migration process communicated in a transparent way as well as being capable of tracking them at any time during the ongoing process.


  • What are the goals of a website migration?
  • How do you create a migration strategy?
  • Which SEO guidelines must be observed?
  • How do you establish a solid migration timeline?
  • What needs to be considered in the internal linking strategy?
  • How to create a monitoring to track the impact of the migration?
Strategy talk for your SEO workshop

You would like to raise your employees' awareness for the topic of search engine optimization? We support you in getting your team excited about the subject of SEO and share our knowledge in customised SEO workshops.
We will be happy to give you an individual initial assessment in a non-binding strategy discussion. 

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