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Whitney Murray portrait Whitney Murray portrait

Whitney Murray

Senior Online Marketing Consultant

Whitney is a Senior Online Marketing Consultant at The Boutique Agency.

She focuses on PPC and advises international clients in the e-commerce and B2B sectors on search, shopping and display.
She is also a mentor to trainees and supports their development.

About Whitney

Her favourite tools: Looker Studio, Asana, Google Market Explorer.

Must-have on her desk: A glass of water.

Whitney's favourite core value is: Appreciation, as it contributes to a positive work environment and is essential for a good relationship with both colleagues and clients.

In her spare time, you can find Whitney walking in the woods or doing creative activities at home.

Organisations she has donated to: OneDollarGlasses, Help for Kids and Fur Kids in Need.

Whitney's 16 personalities are: ISFJ - The Defender. This means that Whitney values tradition and is responsible and caring towards others.

Her favourite The Boutique Agency benefit is: Wellpass to get a physical workout to balance her office life.

If Whitney wasn't a senior online marketing consultant, she would be: Working in a manual job.

Professional career

Whitney gained her first experience in online marketing as an intern during her studies and later as a student trainee at the Munich agency Quisma.

Before that, Whitney completed an apprenticeship as a state-certified assistant for hotel and tourism management and then studied tourism management at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

Whitney has been supporting us at The Boutique Agency since October 2019. First as a trainee, then as an online marketing consultant and since January 2023 as a senior online marketing consultant. She is now mentoring a trainee of her own.

Whitney has also completed the Certified Digital Marketing Manager course at 121WATT.

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