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Sophie Laube portrait Sophie Laube portrait

Sophie Laube

Senior Online Marketing Consultant

Sophie started as a Senior Online Marketing Consultant in October 2022.


She advises clients from the e-commerce, education and insurance sectors on all aspects of search, shopping, display and YouTube.


Sophie is also an e-commerce specialist, together with her team mates Nadine and Whitney.

About Sophie

Sophie's favourite tools: Asana and Zapier.

This is a must-have on her desk: A big pot of tea as well as nuts and fruit for small appetites.

Her internal role at The Boutique Agency is (actually): Cat Lady.

The first thing in the morning: feeding the cats, having breakfast, meditating, sometimes running or doing yoga. - But first: Coffee!

Heart projects Sophie pursues in or out of work: Pro bono for Ozeankind e.V. and outside: Projekt Verein e.V. aka Conne Island Leipzig, where she supports the ongoing cultural activities around concerts, disco, readings and lectures.

Sophie's favourite Core Value is: appreciation, because that's where she gets her energy.

Organisations Sophie has donated to include: Dog Days Are Over, Seawatch, Mission Lifeline.

Sophie's 16Personalities is: ESFJ - Consul, meaning she likes to be at the zenith of attention, loves group dynamics and enjoys integrating herself into society.

Her favourite The Boutique Agency Benefit is: Wellpass, because Sophie attends HIIT & Functional classes almost daily, as well as Yoga & Mobility classes.

Professional background

Sophie had her first online marketing experience at the Leipzig agency adseed GmbH. After that, she switched to the in-house side at Relaxdays for a short time, but quickly missed the dynamic environment of agency life.

She completed her Bachelor and Master of Arts in Cultural Studies with a focus on cultural management in Leipzig.