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Dawod Dehghani portrait Dawod Dehghani portrait

Dawod Dehghani

Online Marketing Trainee

Dawod joined the SEA team in January 2023 as an online marketing trainee. He previously gained in-house experience at and Planet Sports and is a passionate photographer at our events.

About Dawod

This must not be missing from his desk: A Bottle of water and headphones.

Few people know this about Dawod: He can solve the Rubiks Cube in just under a minute.

His internal role at The Boutique Agency is actually: event photographer and presenter of game nights, especially Werewolf.

Dawod's favourite Core Value is: appreciation. 

In his free time you can meet Dawod: either out for a meal with friends or alone with a camera in his hand.

Dawod's 16Personalities is: ENFP-T, Activist. The personality types are mostly true free spirits. They are the heart and soul of any party, charming, independent and compassionate. 

His favourite The Boutique Agency Benefit: Lunchit, i.e. having up to 6.90 EUR available for lunch every day. 


Professional background:

Before joining The Boutique Agency, Dawod gained initial experience as a working student in online marketing at

After that, he worked in customer service at Planet Sports.

Dawod completed his technical baccalaureate at the Technik FOS and then studied Technical Editing and Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.

He completed a nine-month further education course on online marketing with a focus on search engine marketing, which also included a basic course on HTML & CSS.