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Alexander Gschwend portrait

Alexander Gschwend

Online Marketing Consultant

Alex joined The Boutique Agency in January 2023 and advises clients on search, display and paid social.

He is an expert in paid social and has several years of agency experience in this area.

About Alexander

The first thing in the morning: an ice-cold shower and a cup of coffee.

Few people know this about Alex: he lived in America for 3 years, he goes surfing at least once a year and used to play for FC Bayern.

A particularly important value for Alex is: self-discipline, because that's the only way to push yourself to your limits and beyond.

In his free time you can meet Alex: on the football field or at the GYM.

An organisation Alex has donated to before: WWF. 

Alex's 16Personalities is: INFPA, "Mediator". Alex is one of the first to help where help is needed. When something catches the mediators' imagination and expresses their beliefs, they commit all their energy, time, thoughts and emotions to the project.

His favourite The Boutique Agency Benefit is: Wellpass, a super alternative to the classic GYM, because he also likes to use the wellness services.

If Alex wasn't an Online Marketing Consultant, he would be: a professional footballer, unfortunately this is no longer possible due to injury.

Professional background:

Before joining The Boutique Agency, Alex had already worked for two online marketing agencies, where he was able to gain his first experience.

There he got to know the paid social sector better.

Alex successfully completed his studies after 3 years in America and was lucky enough to receive a sports scholarship.

Alex completed his Bachelor's degree in Management & Marketing at Young Harris College.

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