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Betül Akyol portrait Betül Akyol portrait

Betül Akyol

Online Marketing Trainee

Betül is an Online Marketing Trainee in SEA. She has been with us since March 2024.

Before that, she completed an apprenticeship as a marketing communications specialist.

About Betül

Betül's favourite tool: Notion.

It is a must-have on her desk: Water, chapstick, nerve food.

First thing in the morning: skin care and coffee.

What few people know about Betül: she wanted to be a forensic scientist, has over 1000 songs in her Spotify playlist, in six different languages, and knows almost all of them by heart. One food that always cheers her up is Thai curry.

Betül's favourite core value is appreciation because it motivates her colleagues.

In her free time, you can find Betül in bed with her electric blanket, snacks and a Netflix series.

Betül's MBTI-16 Personality Type is ENFJ - "Protagonist". They are usually warm, cooperative and supportive, friendly and organised. They are also often very persuasive.

Her favourite The Boutique Agency benefit: The flexibility to decide where to work from home.

If Betül wasn't a trainee, she would be: Managing director of her own skincare line.

Professional career

Before joining The Boutique Agency, Betül worked as a marketing communications trainee. She has a degree in Marketing Communications.

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