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Yvonne Eder portrait Yvonne Eder portrait

Yvonne Eder

Senior Project Manager People

Yvonne is responsible for all topics related to human resources, labour law and recruiting. In addition to managing internal people issues, Yvonne is also the first point of contact for all applicants, both during the application process and at the interview.

Yvonne is the anti-discrimination officer at The Boutique Agency and coordinates the internal sustainability task force - a project close to her heart.

About Yvonne

This is what must not be missing on Yvonne's desk: A cup of tea or a glass of water and a certain homely chaos.

The first thing in the morning: Press the snooze button at least two more times.

Yvonne's favourite Core Value is: appreciation, because without it there is no respectful, harmonious and humorous cooperation and thus no good working atmosphere.

In her free time, you can meet her in a beer garden or somewhere out and about in fine weather. Otherwise in the cinema, café or over a delicious meal.

Her favourite The Boutique Agency benefit is: Lunchit - allowance for meals of free choice, brilliant! Although the new GuudCard is also very popular...

If Yvonne wasn't Senior Project Manager People, she would be: Astronaut - she had at least flirted with that for a long time in her childhood.


Professional career

Yvonne joined The Boutique Agency in September 2017 as a general project manager. From 01.01.2020 she focused on the internal HR area and recruiting as Project Manager HR. Since 01.07.2022, Yvonne has been Senior Project Manager People.

Before joining The Boutique Agency, Yvonne worked as an executive assistant, department manager assistant and in PR. She grew up bilingual (English/German) and spent several years in Spain and South America before and during her studies. Yvonne earned her B.A. in Sociology and subsequent M.A. in Cultural Studies at the University of Konstanz on the beautiful shores of Lake Constance. Most recently, Yvonne attended a further training course in labour law.