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Yvonne Eder portrait Yvonne Eder portrait

Yvonne Eder

Senior Project Manager People

As the main person responsible for all people issues, Yvonne not only looks after internal colleagues and their concerns, but is also the first point of contact for applicants, both during the application process and at the interview. In 2017, she joined The Boutique Agency as Project Manager, then in 2019 she focused on the People area and since July 2022 she has been Senior Project Manager People with us. Yvonne loves good food, good books and being outdoors.

About Yvonne

As Senior Project Manager People, Yvonne is our main person responsible for recruiting, human resources and labour law and is the anti-discrimination officer and confidant for internal people issues.

Sustainability is an issue close to her heart, which is why Yvonne is involved in the sustainability task force. 

Yvonne likes to be present at board games, cinema evenings and other after-work activities, in a good mood and with a witty remark here and there. 

Before joining The Boutique Agency, she worked as a management assistant, department head assistant and in PR. Yvonne has her roots in sociology and cultural studies, in which she completed a bachelor's and master's degree at the University of Konstanz.

Yvonne Eder grew up bilingual (German and English) and speaks fluent Spanish.