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Lena Thauer portrait Lena Thauer portrait

Lena Thauer

Team Lead SEA

Lena is Team Lead SEA at The Boutique Agency. She started as a trainee in 2018 and became a Senior Online Marketing Consultant in mid-2022. Since November 2022, Lena has been showing her organizational talent as Team Lead.

About Lena

Lena leads her team with the motto "work smarter not harder" and is a big fan of controlled automation and process optimization. At the same time, she tries to make everyone's everyday life a little more structured and therefore easier with her organized manner, matching her yellow True Colors personality.

In order to stay up to date professionally, Lena continues to look after her own customers in addition to her role as Team Lead. As a passionate mentor, the topic of training is also very important to her.

Fact sheet

Her favorite tools: Asana, Notion and Slack.

This is a must on Lena's desk: A pot of green tea in the morning, a carafe of water in the afternoon.

Her internal role at The Boutique Agency is (actually): Communication world champion on Slack with a response rate of 0.7 seconds.

First thing in the morning: Shopping trip to REWE and using Lunchit.

Projects close to her heart that she pursues outside of work: Effectively making the world a better place with Effektiv Spenden and renovating her home.

Few people know this about Lena: She always eats the same ice cream flavors: chocolate (dark) and lemon in combination.

In her free time, you can meet Lena: On an outdoor bike ride, doing sports, renovating or in her own garden.

Lena's 16Personalities is: ISTJ - Logistician. In a world where many people shirk their responsibilities or only say what they think others want to hear, Lena stands out as committed, responsible and honest. For her, a lack of structure does not mean freedom, but chaos.

Her favorite The Boutique Agency benefit: Definitely the Wellpass (formerly Qualitrain) membership incl. +1 option: Whether it's a badminton match with friends, a spinning session with colleagues, classic strength training, swimming or sauna. She really uses it a lot! As a conscientious saver, she is of course also a pro at the Lunchit Game.

If Lena wasn't Team Lead SEA, she would be: Part of Team Operations :-D.

Professional career

Lena completed her Bachelor of Science in "E-Commerce" at the THWS in Würzburg. She gained practical experience in the areas of SEA, SEO and web analysis during an internship and subsequent working student position in Hamburg before returning to Bavaria.