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Jonas Kleespies portrait Jonas Kleespies portrait

Jonas Kleespies

Product Lead SEA

Jonas is Senior Online Marketing Consultant and Product Lead SEA at The Boutique Agency. Among other things, he deals with technical topics in SEA and advises clients from various verticals, with a focus on e-commerce in the areas of search, shopping and YouTube.

About Jonas

As Product Lead SEA, Jonas continues to develop the SEA area together with Nadine. He also advises on and implements tracking solutions for GA4 and Google Ads and builds solutions for The Boutiqe Agency in the area of SEA automation.


Fact sheet

Jonas favourite tools: Google Sheets, BigQuery and Google Colab, which can be used to automate SEA processes.

This is a must on his desk: Water, notepad and a large mouse pad.

His internal role at The Boutique Agency is (actually): SEA News Blog.

First thing in the morning: A walk and coffee.

In his free time, you'll find Jonas: Hiking or in the garden.

Organization Jonas has donated to before: Against Malaria Foundation.

Jonas 16Personalities is: INTJ - "The Architect". This means that Jonas is passionate about absorbing new knowledge, exploring new concepts and getting to the roots to grasp the essence of things.

Jonas' favorite The Boutique Agency Benefit is: Lunchit - to go out for lunch with his colleagues.


Professional career

From 2015 to 2020, Jonas worked as a (Senior) Consultant in SEA at blueSummit Media GmbH and supported clients from various sectors (including travel, media and retail) and worked on SA360 projects. In January 2021 Jonas started as Senior Online Marketing Consultant at The Boutique Agency and since January 2024 he is Product Lead SEA.

Prior to this, he completed his Bachelor of Science in E-Commerce with a focus on "Web Management" at the THWS in Würzburg.

Jonas is certified in Google Ads, SA360 and GTM. He was also a speaker at SMX with the topic "Scaling and automation of search campaigns with Search Ads 360".


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