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Dennis Steinert portrait Dennis Steinert portrait

Dennis Steinert

Online Marketing Trainee

Dennis is an Online Marketing Trainee in SEA. He joined us in June 2023.

He previously completed a Bachelor's degree in Business Psychology with a focus on marketing and online management.

About Dennis

Dennis' favourite tool: Notes.

Something he can't do without on his desk: A caffeinated (hot) drink.

First thing he does in the morning: Hit snooze.

Dennis' favourite core value: Appreciation because he believes it is the foundation for transparency, passion and accountability.

Where to find Dennis in his spare time: Out with friends, at the gym or just at home on the couch.

Dennis' 16Personalities is: ISTJ - which means Dennis is a no-nonsense person who is reserved, very responsible and dependable. This type is conscientious and has traditional values. They can concentrate well and have an eye for detail.

His favourite benefit of The Boutique Agency is: The flexibility to decide each day whether to work from home or in the office.

If Dennis wasn't an online marketing trainee, he would be: Probably a broker, he is just fascinated by charts.

Professional career

Dennis gained his first experience in online marketing as a student trainee in event and online marketing at coliquio.

Prior to his internship at The Boutique Agency, Dennis completed his bachelor's degree in business psychology at HSF Munich.

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