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Chiara Giorno portrait Chiara Giorno portrait

Chiara Giorno

Working Student SEA

Chiara worked with us as a working student from September 2020 to March 2021. After that, she completed a five-month internship at The Boutique Agency. Now she is working as a student trainee again, mainly in the SEA area.


As a native speaker, she is particularly responsible for the translation and creation of Italian campaigns. She supports all teams, but especially her mentor Lena, with the daily tasks.

About Chiara

Her favorite tools: Asana and Notion.

What can't be missing on Chiara's desk: Headphones and coffee.

Her internal role at The Boutique Agency is (actually): Astrology Officer and Head of Italian Translations.

The first thing in the morning: prepare a cup of coffee.

Few people know this about Chiara: Chiara can speak along with every Twilight movie. Plus, she constantly has catchy tunes (even of songs she doesn't actually like).

Chiara's favorite Core Value is: appreciation, because a good work environment automatically makes you work much better.

In her free time, you'll meet her: In the library with a good book.

An Organisation Chiara has donated to before: Aktion Kindertraum.

Chiara's 16Personalities is: INFP-T - "The Mediator." These personality types are mostly idealists who always try to see the good. Chiara is passionate, flexible and creative and enjoys the harmony that exists in the team.

Her favorite The Boutique Agency benefit is: The GuudCard: shopping at sustainable companies made easy!

If Chiara wasn't a working student with us, she would be: a writer, probably of fantasy novels :-)


Professional career

Chiara is studying Tourism Management (B.A.) in Munich. She has chosen to focus on digital marketing and management. At the same time she is a working student at our company. Most of all, she likes to help with campaign set-ups and create dashboards in Data Studio.

Chiara likes to travel and is interested in foreign languages - she already speaks German, Italian and English fluently!