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Chiara Giorno portrait Chiara Giorno portrait

Chiara Giorno

Working student

Chiara is a working student in SEA. As a former trainee and intern, she brings valuable experience and knowledge to the table, which she is now deepening with us.

A native Italian speaker, Chiara is responsible for the translation and creation of Italian campaigns, helping us to support the internationalisation of our clients. She has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing with a focus on online marketing and e-commerce.

About Chiara

Her favorite tools: Asana and Notion.

What can't be missing on Chiara's desk: Headphones and coffee.

Her internal role at The Boutique Agency is (actually): Astrology Officer and Head of Italian Translations.

The first thing in the morning: making a cup of coffee.

Few people know this about Chiara: Chiara can speak along to any Twilight film. And she always has a catchy tune (even if it's a song she doesn't like).

Chiara's favorite Core Value is: appreciation, because a good working environment automatically makes you work better.

In her free time, you'll meet her: In the library with a good book.

An Organisation Chiara has donated to before: Aktion Kindertraum.

Chiara's MBTI-Type is: INFP-T - "The Mediator." These types are usually idealists who always try to see the good in things. Chiara is passionate, flexible, creative and enjoys the harmony that exists in a team.

Her favorite The Boutique Agency benefit is: The GuudCard: shopping at sustainable companies made easy!

If Chiara wasn't a working student with us, she would be: a writer, probably of fantasy novels :-)

Professional career

Chiara studied Tourism Management (B.A.) in Munich with a focus on digital marketing and management.

Besides her interest in online marketing, she loves to travel and speaks fluent German, Italian and English.

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