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Robin Läckes portrait Robin Läckes portrait

Robin Läckes

Senior Online Marketing Consultant

Robin is a Senior Online Marketing Consultant and Product Lead for Data Collection & Activation, providing strategic advice to our clients.

He is passionate about optimising our clients' data quality to deliver real value to them. Robin joined The Boutique Agency team in December 2021.

About Robin

His favorite tools: Google Tag Manager, Google BigQuery, LookerStudio, Asana.

First thing in the morning: A big glass of water with lemon juice, journaling, meditating & yoga :-)

Few people know this about him: In private, he tends to do without smartphone & co and prefers to read a book.

Robin's favorite Core Value is: Passion, because it's no fun without it :-)

In his free time you can meet him: In nature with his wife and their Labrador dog.

Favorite event: The SEM Pub Quiz, because there you meet many colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere from the entire industry.

An Organisation Robin has donated to before: Moers Animal Shelter.

Robin's 16 Personalities is: ISFJ - "The Protector." Robin is a hardworking administrator who stays true to traditions and organizations. He is practical, compassionate and caring.

His favorite The Boutique Agency benefit is: The GuudCard.

If Robin wasn't a Senior Online Marketing Consultant, he would be: A Forester because he loves the outdoors :-)


Professional career

Robin specializes in automation and tracking.

From 2015 - 2021 Robin worked as Online Marketing Manager and later as Head of Digital at the fashion label tigha (since 2021 Young Poets Society).
As Online Marketing Manager he was responsible for the channels SEA, Display Advertising, Email Marketing & Paid Social, first operationally and later strategically in his role as Head of Digital. In addition to online marketing, he was also responsible for category management, CRM and content marketing as Head of Digital. 

Robin's background is in information management, where he earned his bachelor's degree at TH Köln.

He is certified in Google SA360.