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Fabian Goller portrait Fabian Goller portrait

Fabian Goller

Online Marketing Trainee

Fabian is an Online Marketing Trainee in SEA. He joined us in April 2023.


He previously lived and studied in Austria.

He is a globetrotter and has already visited six continents on his 2017 world trip.

About Fabian

Fabi's favourite tool: Goolge Ads Editor, Slack and Asana.

What he can't live without on his desk: A coffee mug and AirPods.

First thing he does in the morning: Wake up and start a podcast to start the day :-)

Something few people know about Fabian: He is passionate about travelling and experiencing new things. He has worked as a ski and snowboard instructor in Austria.

An important value for Fabian is: initiative, so that you can take things into your own hands and control them.

Where can you find Fabi in his spare time: In an Italian restaurant in Munich, in the English Garden or in one of the city's many bars.

Fabi's 16Personalities Type is: "Consul" - ESFJ-T: These types are naturally sociable and thrive on staying in touch with their friends' social lives.

His favourite The Boutique Agency perk is: The Lunchit app. It's great for grabbing a bite to eat with colleagues at lunchtime.

Professional career

Fabian studied in Austria and is relatively new to Munich. Fabian went on a world trip in 2017, during which he got to know many countries and cultures. He has been to six continents.

He completed his Bachelor's degree in Economics at the Leopold Franzens University in Innsbruck. He completed his Master's degree in Management, Communication and IT at the Management Center Innsbruck.

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