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David Fritschi portrait David Fritschi portrait

David Fritschi

Online Marketing Consultant

David joined The Boutique Agency in September 2021. He is an online marketing consultant and supports clients in the areas of SEA, Display and YouTube.

About David

David likes to spend his free time on the couch with a good book. When it comes to sports, he likes to go to the gym, but sometimes it's just playing FIFA with friends or cheering on Liverpool FC. He also enjoys discovering the culture, cuisine and architecture of foreign countries.

Fact sheet

David's favourite tools: Notion, Asana & Looker Studio.

What can't be missing from his desk: Coffee & headphones.

First thing in the morning: make coffee and have breakfast.

David's favourite Core Value is: appreciation, because that is the basis for a pleasant and productive working atmosphere.

Favourite industry event: SMX, because you can learn a lot from interesting presentations.

Organisation he has already donated to: Green City e.V..

David's 16Personalities is: ISFJ-T - "The Defender". Defenders are passionate about the tasks they do and the people they care about. They are quiet and reserved, but have well-developed communication skills. Defenders take their responsibilities personally - they do what they can to exceed expectations and bring joy to others.

David's favourite The Boutique Agency Benefit: Lunchit: lunch like a king with almost € 7 as lunch subsidy every day.

If David wasn't an online marketing consultant, he'd be: a video producer, but now he´s just watching them on the couch in the evening.

Professional career

After training as a media salesman at Callwey Verlag, David studied print and media technology at Munich University of Applied Sciences. After an internship in online marketing at the Süddeutsche Zeitung, he swapped the publishing world for search engines - but he still lives out his love of the written word by writing ads. 

Among other things, David has trained as a Google Tag Manager.

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