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Mai Tran

Team Lead SEO, UX and Data

As a Team Lead, Mai is responsible for the development of her team members. Thanks to her experience as a (former) technician, she supports colleagues and clients as a sparring partner in professional and technical matters. Under the motto 'dare, win or learn - there is no failure', Mai promotes a culture of openness and continuous learning within the team. 

About Mai

Mai's favourite tools: Google Lighthouse and Console, Visual Studio Code and Miro.

Her favourite things on her desk: Tea, chewing gum and a notepad.

First thing in the morning: making tea and going out on the balcony.

Projects that are close to her heart and that she pursues outside of work: Volunteering at an animal shelter, supporting charities and children in need.

Mai's favourite core value is appreciation, as this is the basis for healthy cooperation.

In her free time, you can find Mai at the swimming pool or in nature.

Mai's 16 Personality is Advocate: INFJ-A / INFJ-T. People with this personality type value integrity and are rarely satisfied until they have done what they think is right. Conscientious to the core, they go through life with a clear idea of their values and strive never to lose sight of what is really important.

Mai's favourite perk at The Boutique Agency: Wellpass.

If Mai wasn't a team lead, she would be: Owning a tea house with lots of plants.

Professional background

Before joining The Boutique Agency, Mai worked as a software developer. She gained her first experience in online marketing at MediamarktSaturn (first Redblue - the internal marketing agency, later Technology) as a front-end and full-stack developer specialising in UX engineering. Later she worked as a senior software consultant at it-economics.

She studied Media and Computer Science in Regensburg and Business Informatics in Passau.

She is certified by the Scrum Alliance as Certified Scrum Developer, Advanced Certified Scrum Developer, Certified Scrum Product Owner and Certified Scrum Master. Certified by Experts in User Experience Design. Other trainings include: UX Engineering, Personality Skills and Teamlead, Leading as expert.

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