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Julia Graupe portrait Julia Graupe portrait

Julia Graupe

Project Manager Operations

As Project Manager Operations, she is responsible for a wide range of issues, including general processes, event management (planning of events and exhibition stands), sales operations, data protection, workshop planning and health and safety issues: Event management (planning of events and exhibition stands), employee onboarding, sales operations, data protection, workshop planning, health and safety issues.

Julia started as an online marketing trainee in July 2017, business development manager from January 2019 and project manager operations from July 2021.

About Julia

Her favourite tools: Google Sheets, Asana, Notion, zavvy.

What can't be missing on Julia's desk: 2 monitors, water, coffee, chewing gum and headphones.

Her internal role at The Boutique Agency is (actually): The "Fairy Godmother" and motivator to exercise.

The first thing in the morning: go for a walk in the home office and switch on the Mocca Master in the office.

Heart projects Julia pursues in or away from work: Family and friends, learning and never stopping, always looking for new projects (the variety makes it).

Only few people know this about Julia: she did theatre for 10 years and was a youth leader.

Julia's favourite Core Value is: appreciation, because as a distinctly "blue" person, interpersonal cooperation is most important to her. Because if that doesn't work in a team, even the best trained people can't develop.

You can meet her in her free time: in the evening at sports, with a glass of wine or on game nights.

Favourite industry event: SEM Pub Quiz, OMR and SMX.

Organisations Julia has already donated to: e.g.: Tierheim München, Hospiz im Pfaffenwinkel.

Julia's 16Personalities is: Consul ESFJ, they are naturally sociable people and they thrive when they stay in close contact with the social lives of their friends. This personality type enjoys supporting their loved ones and friends, organising social events and doing their best to keep everyone happy.

Her favourite The Boutique Agency Benefit is: Wellpass, an allowance for sports and wellness.

If Julia wasn't Project Manager Operations, she: might have become a German teacher after all, or studied psychology.


Professional career

Before The Boutique Agency, Julia worked in corporate marketing communication at Infineon, in project management at the consultancy change factory and in the loyalty department at CHECK24. 

Before that, Julia completed her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Media and Communications Management.

Her favourite place to travel is the USA, where she goes at least every two years.

Julia has attended several 121 Watt seminars, her favourite being Digital Storytelling, among others. She has also done further training as a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) first aider.