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Chiara Bickert portrait Chiara Bickert portrait

Chiara Bickert

Online Marketing Consultant

Chiara has been with us since August 2022, first as an Online Marketing Trainee and since 1 February 2024 as an Online Marketing Consultant.

She has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing with a focus on Online Marketing and E-Commerce.

About Chiara

Chiara's favourite tools: Asana and Google Ads Editor.

What can't be missing from her desk: A bottle of water and a plant.

The first thing in the morning: Eating breakfast and getting positive for the day.

Chiara's favourite Core Value is passion, because it makes her jump out of bed every day full of joy.

An Organisation Chiara has donated to before: Via

Chiara's 16Personalities is: INFJ-A - "Advocate". Chiara is organised, determined and at the same time sensitive to the needs of her fellow human beings.

Her favourite The Boutique Agency Benefit is: The GuudCard, as it allows her to do something good for her environment.

Professional career

Chiara gained her first experience in online marketing during an internship and came into contact with Facebook Ads in her last job.

She has a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing with a focus on online marketing and e-commerce. 

Prior to her studies, she lived in Dublin for five months.

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