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Beate Boruttau portrait

Beate Boruttau

Senior Online Marketing Consultant

As a project manager for our clients, Beate takes care of many tasks in the background. From quoting, strategic planning and initial insight into new projects to invoicing.

About Beate

Beate's favourite tool: Slack... she loves to communicate and if you can't always chat in the hallway, she'll just have to work online from her home office.

This is a must have on her desk: A glass of water and preferably a can of Red Bull as a coffee substitute.

The first thing she does in the morning is try to wake herself up before she has to somehow wake the children.

Projects that are close to her heart and that she pursues in addition to her work: Turning her house into a dream home - arts and crafts projects around the house and garden.

What few people know about her: Beate is a huge Helene Fischer fan and a keen horsewoman.

Beate's favourite core value is passion, because we love and live what we do.

Favourite industry event and/or trade fair: PPC Camp Rosenheim.

Beate's 16 personalities are: "ESTJ - "Executive": Strengthen tradition and community through values such as honesty and a sense of duty. They lead with commitment and stand up for justice and the law. Executives promote reliability and work ethic, recognise the strengths of the individual and steer leadership in a direction that benefits all.

Beate's favourite The Boutique Agency benefit: Wellpass - for weekly swimming and evening gym. 

If Beate wasn't a Senior Online Marketing Consultant, she would be: Helene Fischer's background singer.

Professional background

Prior to joining The Boutique Agency, Beate worked at intelliAd before joining diva-e, where she worked on customer data platforms and SEA campaigns and strategies.

Beate studied Communications in Duisburg. This was followed by a Master's degree in Empirical Communication Science in Stuttgart/Hohenheim.

She has completed numerous Google certifications and communication courses.

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