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Stefanie Gielnik portrait Stefanie Gielnik portrait

Stefanie Gielnik

Senior Online Marketing Consultant

Steffi joined The Boutique Agency in June 2022 as a Senior Online Marketing Consultant. She supports and advises various clients with a focus on e-commerce. Feed optimisations and automation of the various campaigns are part of Steffi's daily tasks.

About Stefanie

Steffi's favourite tool: Toby - better as a bookmark.

This can't be missing on her desk: Rocketbook for notes.

Heart projects Steffi pursues away from work: Volunteering with the BRK as a paramedic, drone pilot and technician.

Few people know this about Steffi: She owns over 150 different nail polishes, which are also used in sequence.

In her free time you can meet Steffi: walking along the Lech and often picnics there with her daughter or jumps into the "bathing pools" there after a rainfall.

Steffi's 16Personalities is: Consul - loves routines, enjoys conversations and brainstorming, likes a harmonious environment and has a checklist for everything.

Her favourite The Boutique Agency Benefit is: The GuudCard - A Sustainable Benefit every month, which can also be saved to shop in the sustainable children's clothes shop.

If Steffi wasn't a Senior Online Marketing Consultant, she would be: a surgeon - as a paramedic, her passion remained at least somewhat intact.

Professional career

Before joining The Boutique Agency, Steffi was with explido/ iprospect for 11 years, starting as a working student and working her way up to Shopping & Feed Product Specialist after the trainee period. She was responsible for very large clients in the fashion and accessories sector. In addition, Steffi was the general contact person for everything to do with shopping and feed, including a lot of pitch experience.

Steffi has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Media Management from MD.H Munich and speaks fluent German and English.