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Sophie Terrenoire portrait Sophie Terrenoire portrait

Sophie Terrenoire

Senior Online Marketing Consultant

Sophie joined our data team in September 2023, bringing with her a wealth of expertise in tracking and attribution.

She specialises in project management, client success, strategy and consulting, and business development.

About Sophie

Sophie's favourite tools: Asana and Google Tag Manager.

She can't live without them on her desk: An extra monitor and mouse.

First thing in the morning: A cuddle with her son and a cup of coffee to wake up.

Favourite projects that Sophie pursues outside of work: The Münchner Tafel food bank - she has helped distribute food a few times.

What few people know about Sophie: She was the French Junior Swimming Champion at the age of 14. She also lived in Cape Town for two years and attended a French school there.

Her favourite core value is: Passion, with fun and motivation you can achieve anything.

Sophie's MBTI-16 Personality is: "ESFJ "Consul" - they are naturally sociable and thrive on keeping in touch with their friends' social lives.

Her favourite benefit of The Boutique Agency is: Lunchit, up to just €7 a day for lunch.

If Sophie wasn't a Senior Online Marketing Consultant, she would be: A professional kitesurfer, exploring the best spots in the world.

Professional background

As a Lead Consultant, Sophie was responsible for onboarding high-profile clients to the Nielsen Attribution Platform. 
She helped clients better understand the customer journey and implement automation for attributed data.

Sophie grew up in Paris near the Eiffel Tower and is a native French speaker.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in International Management from ESCE International Business School.
Sophie also holds a dual degree from ESCE and Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

She is Google Search Ads 360 and Easygenerator Author certified and has completed the Holtzbrinck Campus Successful Leadership training.

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