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Sarah Schneider portrait Sarah Schneider portrait

Sarah Schneider

Online Marketing Trainee

Sarah has been an Online Marketing Trainee at The Boutique Agency since October 2022 and works, together with her mentor Lisa, in the SEA department.

About Sarah

Sarah's favourite tools: Asana and Google Ads Editor.

This is what she can't do without on her desk: A notebook and a large coffee.

Few people know this about her: Sarah takes care of street dogs in Turkey in the summer.

Sarah's favourite Core Value is: Passion, because that is what drives Sarah's way of life. Without passion, life is half the fun :-)

Her favourite industry fair is: The OMR Festival.

In her spare time you can meet her: in cafés & at art exhibitions. 

If Sarah wasn't an Online Marketing Trainee, she would be: An artist or a florist.


Professional career

Before joining The Boutique Agency, Sarah studied dual Marketing Management with a focus on Online Marketing at IU International University. During her studies, she worked in marketing at Career Partner.

To gain more experience in online marketing, she decided to do a traineeship after graduation.

In the future, Sarah plans to move to Holland or Canada.