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Marie Steensma portrait Marie Steensma portrait

Marie Steensma

Online Marketing Trainee

Marie has been with us as an online marketing trainee since April 2023. She supports our clients in all operational matters, such as writing ad copy, creating campaigns and uploading creative. She also looks after the accounts, optimising them and monitoring their performance.

In her spare time, she loves sports - she has tried everything from ballet to football to acrobatics.

About Marie

Marie's favourite tools: Microsoft OneNote for notes, ChatGPT and Asana.

What can't be missing from her desk: Her chai latte and sparkling water.

First thing she does in the morning: sorts through her email inbox.

Heart projects Marie pursues outside of work: Her own small online jewellery shop. It gives her a chance to put her professional skills into practice.

What few people know about Marie: She would like to start an animal shelter and volunteer there one day.

Marie's favourite core value is: "Appreciation, because it is the basis for a pleasant and productive working relationship. Mutual respect, regardless of professional level, age, position, etc. is definitely lived here at the agency.

Organisation she has already donated to: Dominion Movement.

Marie's MBTI-Personality Type is: The Defender - devoted & warmhearted protector, always ready to defend her loved ones.

Her favourite The Boutique Agency benefit is: Lunchit, to go out for lunch with colleagues.

If Marie wasn't an online marketing intern, she would be: a primary school teacher.

Professional background

Marie gained her first customer experience during an internship and subsequent student job at a recruitment agency.

She studied Business Administration and is a certified Google Ads Search Engine Advertiser.

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