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Lisa Fellinger portrait Lisa Fellinger portrait

Lisa Fellinger

Team Lead SEO

Lisa leads the agency's SEO department and advises our clients on the development and implementation of individual SEO strategies.

She particularly promotes the collaboration between SEO and Usability as well as SEA. With expertise in technical retail SEO and training in full-stack web development, she improves the quality and performance of our clients' websites to achieve sustainable results.

About Lisa

Lisa is committed to the development of our people and the internationalization of the agency and our clients.
Outside of work, she enjoys rock climbing and playing the piano. She is fluent in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Fact sheet

Her favorite tools: Screaming Frog, Sistrix, Google Search Console, analysis tools, Looker.

That can't be missing from her desk: Booting it up first thing in the morning and using it as a standing desk.

Her internal role at The Boutique Agency is (actually): Head of Dog.

The first thing in the morning: learning vocabulary - currently Portuguese.

Heart projects Lisa pursues in or out of work: Professionalising her table tennis skills and hosting a championship at the agency.

Few people know this about Lisa: she is a passionate water rat and used to be a competitive swimmer. But she now has a chlorine intolerance and (in her opinion) looks like an ottifant with nose clip, goggles and ear protection when she stands at the edge of the pool. 

Her favourite Core Value is: appreciation and transparency, because they are particularly motivating.

In her free time, you can meet Lisa: at the table tennis table at Theresienwiese, in the climbing hall at Heavens Gate, in the swimming pool or on her bike.

Organisation Lisa has already donated to: Tierheim München.

Lisa's 16Personalities is: ENTJ-T - "The Commander": A personality who is particularly strong in the qualities of intuition, reflection and judgment and who, according to her statements, is extroverted and introverted in a balanced ratio. She is characterized by determination and a passion for drive and success. Her ability to gather information and construct creative visions allows Lisa to act quickly and effectively to pursue goals.

If Lisa wasn't Team Lead SEO, she would be: Junior Web Developer and busy deepening her knowledge here and building her own web projects.

Professional career

Lisa deepened her SEO knowledge in e-commerce at Before joining The Boutique Agency, she gained her first experience in SEA, social media and consulting at etventure, a partner company of EY. Before her online marketing career, Lisa worked for two years as a trainee teacher for German and French at secondary schools in Munich.

During her studies, she spent a year in Paris and five months in Milan to further her education in full-stack web development.

She completed a double degree in German Studies, focusing on linguistics and teaching German and French at the grammar school level.

One of the training courses Lisa attended was Le Wagon Fullstack Web Development.

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