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Julia Burger portrait Julia Burger portrait

Julia Burger

Online Marketing Consultant

Julia started an online marketing traineeship in SEA with us in April 2021. She has been an Online Marketing Consultant in SEA since August 2022. Before the traineeship, she was already able to gain experience in product and performance marketing.

About Julia

As an online marketing trainee, Julia works on various SEA projects from the B2B and e-commerce industries. She is particularly enthusiastic about working on customer-specific analyses and dashboards.

She completed her Master's degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing Management in Munich. During her studies, she already gained experience in product and brand management at the organic dairy Andechser Natur as well as the online store limango. She finally came to Performance Marketing through her long time at Audi Business Innovation.

Julia comes from the Chiemgau Alps and loves the mix of city and country. As nice as it is to breathe in fresh mountain air when the weather is good, it's also nice to take full advantage of Munich's rich event offerings ;-)