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Jean Ragg portrait Jean Ragg portrait

Jean Ragg

Online Marketing Trainee

Jean has been an online marketing trainee since September 2021. Before that, he worked in account management at Telekom and at Amazon, among others. He mainly supports his colleagues Marek, Lisa and Whitney in SEA projects.

About Jean

Jean studied economics (B.Sc.) at the Baden Württemberg Cooperative State University. He then worked for several years at Deutsche Telekom in account management and strategy development before moving to Sweden to complete his Master's degree in International Marketing. After a short time as a key account manager at Amazon, he dedicated himself to online marketing at SEM Boutique.

His specialties are Amazon Marketplace (or the Seller Model) as well as SEA and SEO.

Jean enjoys nature and a cold beer with friends or playing sports. He likes to end the evenings with a good series or a book.