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YouTube Ads

The Boutique Agency generates reach and helps you increase sales in the second largest search engine in the world - YouTube.

We increase the awareness of your brand among the target groups that are important for your company. We translate your briefing into the diverse audience clusters provided by Google.


Do you want to attract users to your store who are not yet looking for your brand or products? We help you  generate relevant traffic via YouTube.


YouTube Ads makes moving image advertising relevant for B2B. We know how to show video ads to users who are potentially interested in your service.

Strategy consultation for  YouTube Ads

Intelligent bidding strategies and diverse targeting options form the basis for success on YouTube. However, the potential of the channel for your business is also influenced by other factors such as targeting, conversion-friendliness of the target site and the availability of suitable video creatives. We advise you openly and transparently on your YouTube objectives.

Why is YouTube advertising a useful addition to your PPC activities?
Prospecting capabilities

Unlike ads in search, YouTube Ads allows you to target users who are not yet actively looking for you. This increases the potential reach of your advertising campaign many times over.

Convey messages

While the communication possibilities of text ads are limited to a set number of characters, the combination of images and sound in YouTube makes it possible to convey complex content, generate demand and evoke emotions.


Do you want your video ads to target specific demographics and ready-to-buy users or exclude users who have already been to your site? These are only a few of the targeting options that Google provides.

Performance control

Bidding strategies based on machine learning allow YouTube to tackle ambitious performance goals. In addition to CPM-based metrics, YouTube ads can also be optimized towards set performance goals (e.g. CPA - Cost per Acquisition). 

YouTube remarketing

Provided your remarketing lists are large enough, YouTube offers the unique opportunity to target your users with video content.

Pay for intercation

TrueView campaigns only incur advertising costs if a user has seen their video in full (≥30 seconds) or interacted with the ad.

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Professional video partner

Are you lacking the video creative to get to the heart of your communication goal? Our video partner KG Media Factory is happy to support you in the realization of your video project from the idea to the implementation.

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